Anyone try the new headsets with forza yet..

I am curious what sounds the Best…

Polk audio, Turtle beach or the Xbox headsets

See the Hardware & Peripherals forum for discussion about headsets:

Well, with last week update, I finally was getting Dolby Digital 5.1 with my Turtle Beach DXL1. Plus, over the weekend, my chat adapter arrived as well. I’m totally happy with how my headsets sound and preform now. My CRX sounds different now in 5.1. Racing through my surround receiver sounds different too in Dolby 5.1, in a good way of course :wink:

I’m no audio expert, but I believe uncompressed 5.1 provides better quality sound than Dolby 5.1.

I am, uncompressed is ALWAYS better. Compressed equals loss in fidelity. Just like WAV audio to MP3 audio, something is getting lost along the way.

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I had the XO7’s pre ordered until I found out it’s just like my old headset with the “adapter” in the box. If you have an old 360 headset that is 5.1 you my as well get the adapter and save some cash. But I am loving being able to use a proper mic again.