Anyone receive the holiday gift vans today? Or not sent out yet?

Only reason I’m asking this is that I usually get these gift cars right away, during the same day they’re announced.

I didn’t get a chance to see the live stream today due to work.

Did Mech mention they’ll be sent out later on next week?

He said the designs needed some touch ups and the cars would be gifted next week.

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Ah…should have just asked the master of info in the first place. ha ha. Thanks again Max. Good to know. Had some V8 swap builds ready to go for them.

The Christmas Transits are making their way out now; my 2 just showed up in my Inbox.

If anyone can recommend some good tunes for these that’d be great.

Good tunes for a Transit Van?

:thinking:Uummmmmm…anything from ZZ Top.
They make everything fun to drive!:laughing:

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Cue rimshot!

I got mine and promptly removed them from my garage. I hate those transit vans. One of the dumber choices of vehicles added to this game. The designs on them did look kinda cool though.

Please tell me you’re joking? The deer on the side of the vans…I appreciate the artwork, but it looks corny and out of place in a racing game (much like the van itself).

True. I was being nice.

Got mine yesterday, I remove all gifted designs as I paint my own.

Clearly that doesn’t fly around here. I like mine and I’ll leave em as is until I need to not. Anything gifted is a plus, and appreciated.


I already had a Transit Van in my garage when I was gifted these two Christmas versions. Now I have three Transit Vans!!! YIKES!!

Why do I get the sinking feeling that Forza 7 will contain nothing but Transit Vans and Stretch Limo’s.