Anyone know how to tune a race trans for automatic shifting? Disabled-1 handed

I lost my right hand and wrist in surgery, was rt handed now only have left hand. So that !!! I need some info or maybe a formula to input HP and Torque numbers and redline into a formula so I can be self-sufficient, I guess, or I need a straight up crash course in setting gears number one through five, one through six, and one through beyond? If anyone has the knowledge and time, I really need the help…I don’t know what else to say except Thanks in advance!!!a700 s800, pclass for last 2 racing series plus indy and f1 lotus. Thanks to anyone that can help!!!

I know WORM has done this numerous times for various people, Im sure he will be happy to help you when he has a spare moment.
Tuning for automatic requires different thought pattern compared to manual/manual with clutch as we need to keep the car from shifting at inopportune times around the circuits.

I have 2 tunes for Lotus F1 for auto shift one for long tracks and one for shorts use with TCS on ; for quick search road America and Lime Rock

The settings shouldnt change much, you just need to make the gearing a little longer so they wont shift at the wrong time.

I can offer help with gearing. Many kudos to you for persevering considering the massive constraints, also.

As with all tuning, it will be car dependent. I hypothesise that cars with wider power bands - and hence longer gears - may be better as they’ll be less inclined to shift up, down, up, down constantly.

I have the X class IndyCar and Lotus F1 covered, and open sourced in a thread on the forum here. If you have any other cars you fancy then please do say, I spend a lot of time in the higher few classes.

Thanks so much to DUST2DEATH, wheely 2, Drows24, and HCR Motorhead!!! The first four FORZA TUNERS that are helping me adjust to my new beginning after surgery. I will certainly use and like the tunes “they” have provided over a short period of time. I just wish I could do this myself, now, more than ever…Sorry to bother you guys and thanks for the time. If anyone of you have a new automatic trans tune for any car or truck, or even limo, Let me know-I will try to test and like as many as possible. Still searching for self-reliance here! I still want to be able to do all of this tuning for myself… THANKS and again,Thank You in Advance to Anyone willing to teach I am more than willing to learn!!! Also thanks for the words of inspiration-at first I hoped none of that kind of stuff would make it in. Now I’m glad it did, means a whole hell of a lot !!! Thanks

I’ve never given this a go but I’ll be happy to try it out tomorrow to help you out! Between all of us we should be able to cover every aspect.

Ok so I’ve played about with auto trans on the sport box. It looks like if you have a more powerful engine (higher HP) you’ll need to lengthen the final drive ratio, if it’s a high torque motor shorten the ratio. You need to find the sweet spot where it’s not making unessecary changes (up down up down up down) .

Problem is it varies by car.
But as an example I have an AMX Rebel (seriously ugly car I’d put it on level terms with a G-wiz) 428hp 498lb-ft 3333lbs with a final drive ratio of 3.29 because that’s where it stops being indecisive.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: