Anyone have Capri FE for sale?

I can trade both of my McLaren PO and Aston Martin PO for it.

Msg me: sanke4

dude the capri is a super rare. those cars are both just rares. that’s prolly not even 1/6th of what capri is worth not tryna be rude. just letting you know

Tell me one thing… what do you plan to do with that kind of money? You cannot buy any more houses nor you need that kind of money to buy 10 mil cars. They can be bought for 1-2 million from AH.

I myself have 200 mill from highway grinding. Never used any racing glitches like Goliaith, etc. Now that even Fortune Island Expansion hasn’t got any houses to purchase, all those CRs are practically useless…unless you have taken it up to upgrade each and every car in your garege to fullest and spend all that money.

BTW Capri FE will be on Forzathon shop within 1-2 months and mybe it would be less rare. Hope to complete my collection by then. Only missing 4 cars (Capri FE, Ford Focus PO, MB AMG PO and Nissan GTR PO) But more troublesome thing is my garage is 549 / 550 cars.

I am just telling because you seem to be super aggressive in here. Don’t take my reply as rude.

Your garage being 549/550 isn’t a problem because you will NEVER get the Rord Focus, MB AMG and NIssan GTR PO because they are developer exclusive and the only way non-developer can use them is by hacking them and the very few peole who have hacked them won’t sell them so you have space for one more car and need only 1 more car that being the Ford Capri FE

I own one, add me and we’ll get along.

GT : Sahilia

Added. Can you respond through Xbox chat?

Sahilia: Sent you msg …