Anyone have a "1" on their Horizon Playlist?

Normally the “1” means a prize unlocked, so when you go to check it out, it automatically unlocks the reward. In my case nothing happens. I’m at 98% currently for this season, already unlocked the season’s prizes, so what is the “1” in this case for then? The monthly prizes have not yet reached 50% so it’s not that.

Is this a glitch?

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glitch related to the outfit prize

As mentioned, it’s related to the 50% suit reward. Seems to happen if you already had the suit, and with clothing items, they can’t be claimed again, so there it sits.

Whatever the glitch is, it’s preventing any other rewards in the playlist from activating. Just completed the playlist 100% and didn’t get the 5000 credits. The green 1 is still there. Whatever happened is blocking any further rewards by the looks of it. That’s what I was afraid would happen when I first saw the glitch. The thing is, even when you have an item like the suit it should still go though the motions as if you won, you just don’t get the suit. That’s what made me think this would happen. Hope they patch it quick. I want the Impala and some of the other cars.