Anyone get the BMW Z8 yet?

I picked this thing up this morning and seriously fell in love with it. It needs a little tuning for understeer, but otherwise its awesome. Its one of the few RWD cars I’ve been able to just jump in and drive without major issues. Have a feeling that once I get used to it, it will become my new favorite car.

I haven’t got it yet but I’ll try it soon I finally got me a xbox one last night so I can finally play forza 5 had the lce since release lol this is just unbelievably such a beautiful game love the way the brz handles in this game the cars are harder to tame so it’s a good challenge I’ll give the z8 a go soon

That’s good to hear, I loved it in Forza 4. Gonna be the next car I get

I just put a mild tune on it and took it online. I’m not a great racer but did very well with it. Very easy to drive.

The Z8 is a pleasure to drive on Forza 5. Very fond of mine, to be honest!

Couple of dorks in the first lobby were giving me a hard time about it looking like a girl car and I didn’t reply but I wanted to say if you could get in front of it you wouldn’t have to look at it so much…some of the lamest looking cars can be really quick.

LOL, it does look like a chick car… I could care less about that though. Its fast and really easy to drive, that’s all that matters. I haven’t spent much time in the online lobbies lately, but I’m betting its a great car for them with the way it accelerates.

Great little car. Been getting a lot of use towards getting my BMW affinity to 25.

I’ve been waiting for someone to put something up about the Z8 I see you guys have give it some good feed back and I was just wondering what class you was tuning it to and what your handling and braking stats are like if any of you guys are willing to share that info? I’m looking for something different to tune I’ve got through quite a few Ferrari’s and the the odd Maserati and Viper. So if any of you guys are willing to try someone else’s tunes feel free to look at mine.

The Z8 is great in B class and the Maserati MC12 is great in A class. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the new car pack is like if I can ever bring myself to get out of these cars

Bought the IGN car pack first gonna wait until the next pack is revealed to decide which one I get next its either gonna be the smoking tire pack or next month pack going to buy the La Ferrari pack last.