Anyone experiencing some framerate slow down?

Something doesnt feel right. Almost as if the background lags a bit.

What were you doing at the time it happens or does it happen a lot.

I have not noticed anything similar.

Also do you have it on the internal hard drive or an external?

Im offline. 3gb external hd. It just doesnt feel smooth anymore.

And if you move it to the Xbox One internal drive, what does it do? I ask because there were several reports regarding external drives during the testing of the Xbox Live Dashboard update (released last week to everyone) mentioning “pauses” or failures to read. Some people have recommended unplugging and reinserting the connection a few times to make sure the One is recognizing the drive, especially on boot-up.

It just feels laggy specially on turns. Ive tried every usb port and hdmi port on the tv, it just feels weird.

Sorry but please read carefully what people are asking you. Snowowl has suggested shifting the install back the the internal hard drive and see if it fixes the issue.

You say you are offline but did you get the recent console update?

Is this a new thing that has only started recently?

Have you tried a cold reboot of the console?

Sorry. Ill try moving the game to the internal drive. As far as the offline thing, i meant as me being in horizon single player, i started an online session and it feel the same way.

You may want to also check your tv settings. Features like MPEG noise reduction if left on can cause lag in video games. If you want to read about it here’s the link.