Anyone ever done something totally pointless?

Spent forever yesterday, creating the license plate for Ken Blocks Escort Cosworth.

Three custom fonts, 3D effects, an eagle, and a lot of measuring. 638 layers later, and it looks like absolute junk when shrunk down on the car!!

I think “doing something pointless” can summarize most of the design work I’ve done in Forza!

Yeah, I guess you do have a point!

Yes, but its always the case when you know its being shrunk down you can get away with less layers.
I paint all my logos massive, and when shrinking down and if layers are an issue you can bin certain parts without losing the logo


I made a few designs in FH3 only to have the game freeze
during a save…or sometimes during a save…
It also froze during the creation of vinyls.
Does that qualify??

I’ll definitely look into that. With only 1000 layers to play with on the front and rear, detailed plates are apparently a big no-no!

Grrrr, re-doing vinyl groups, one of the most annoying things ever! The one saving grace, I usually do it better second time around!