Anyone elses game not showing winter tunes in car selection screen for online adventure?

For some reason when i play online adventure, every season except for winter will show what winter tuned cars I own, but when its a winter event in online adventure I cant see what winter cars i have tuned. Is this normal, a bug, or am i missing something? This isn’t something i would create a support ticket for, id like to know if its just me this is happening to

I assume you are talking about that small “snowflake” that is showing up in bottom right corner for cars with snow/offroad tires?
It is showing up only in winter. It’s been like that since the game came out. No bug, just bad design.

PS. It is showing up only if it is winter season/week. It doesn’t matter what season adventure is.

The icon and filter will show up only if previous championship was winter.

Meaning in you do an online winter championship and after you do a summer one, on the summer one cars selection, filter will be available. Opposite, when starting the winter championship, after a summer one, no filter.

I don’t know for you, but I doubt it could be the expected behavior and, by definition, if it is not the expected behavior …