Anyone else suffering from repeated disconnects?

ive been getting disconnected from multiplayer sessions every 30mins to 1 hour, i’m on pc and this doesn’t happen on any other game i play, does anyone know a fix?


I keep seeing the freaking pop-up telling me I have been disconnected. I’m in Europe.
I have not seen any relationship between what I am doing and the disconnects.
Am on Windows 10 with a wired connection.

Teredo server change and a region change in windows (of all things) helped me a lot. Now I can enjoy being stuck in loading screens after an online race.

constant disconnects here to, sometimes even making my car stop dead. Am in Canada, using the Steam version.

I got so tired of it, I set my game to Horizon Solo.


Same stuff as yesterday. Constant disconnects

Happening with me as well, on Series X.

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Have disconnects as well in Germany.

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Same here in Netherlands, i play solo for now. maybe they still need to fix the servers (or serverside backend maintenance), hopefully after a patch it will be better?

Same problem here

same in australia… and crashes and freezes etc etc etc…have gone through their whole list of known issues and fixes…game is broken for some…lol

xbox series x, europe, same problem… Horizon solo is the only enjoyable mode right now, sadly.

Disconnect message every 10 minutes. Windows Store version on PC in Canada. That’s the least of this garbage game’s problems. How can H4 be so good and this one be such a mess is beyond me. They must have fired everyone that learned from their mistakes and hired people that never made a PC game before. I can run H4 on extreme at 1080p with 70-80fps but I have to make this one look like a PS2 era game just to get 60fps and even then there’s random pauses low video memory errors (that really makes no sense) and areas of the map that will only run at about 15-20 fps. Brings back H3 nightmares but this time it’s WAY worse. Can’t believe I fell for the hype over this grinding rehash.

You are using a 7 year old gfx card which is almost the bare minimum to play the game. New game new technology, if you can play Horizon 4 fine then stick with that instead of calling the game garbage.

And what did you expect Horizon 5 to be? You yourself make it a grind, you can do everything on a slow pace or fast pace, up to you. You should have waited a few days and try the gamepass version.

The game is pretty much based on the exact same game engine and except for slightly better lighting looks identical. The age of my hardware is a moot point. If that hardware can run H4 properly at max settings with 8x AA then it is only logical to assume it could be close. I have the graphics quality so low the textures literally look like they’re from the PS1 - PS2 era up close (no exaggeration) with only 2x AA. They even look like garbage on Ultra settings. I play new titles that beat these graphic settings by a mile and have no issues getting well over 60fps at 1080p with everything cranked. It isn’t my hardware. Something is drastically wrong with the optimization. I don’t have the newest drivers but I doubt they would help much. They never do and the latest drivers from Nvidia wreck everything from what I’m reading. Until they fix all the flaws and issues people seem to be having I have every right to call it garbage.

Poland PC Windows Store version disconnects every 10-30 minutes.

My PC runs FH5 at 80-100 fps on extreme settings in 1440p. I get the low video memory error, but it runs fine. I had exactly the same framerate in FH4.

Just wondering what video card and driver version you are using. Thanks.

Ryzen 7 2700, 32gb ram, RTX 3070
Studio driver 461.92.
I get a driver unsupported error at startup, but runs without any problems.

No luck with staying connected for the open world stuff, constant disconnection, but had some stable sessions with the specific multiplayer stuff like Eliminator etc. (Xbox SX).

I’ve been getting these disconnects every 5-6 minutes. I figured it might be me, but this doesn’t happen anywhere else, and a quick check of my traffic monitoring software shows no unusual drops or spikes in my connection. Ping is good, and no other software has this issue., either on my machine, or the three other machines I have in my house (only one of which runs at the same time as mine), so I guess it’s just them. Bugs galore at the moment, include plenty I’ve not seen in their (incredibly) long list of known issues.

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I also get the disconnect message all the time while free roaming, yet when i play online matches there is no issues. I have gigabit up and download speeds with verizon fios.