Anyone else rediscovering locations since last patch?

Popped in today to make a little progress towards the Nio, during which two of the places I fast traveled to told me I discovered a new location bumping me up to 58/56.

Yup. I am also 58/56.

On a different topic, a buddy is 15/14 in barn finds. And that was well before any patches.

Same here. Not that i was surprised. I kinda exepct stuff like this every patch. I fear for my game saves and progress Word of advice, dont start the game after a patch. Wait for the others to try it first.
You know…open alfa. :slight_smile:

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Also 58/56. Saw the first “new” area pop after series change while I was in freeroam during it, and the next one when I did the (first thing for new series) the Photo Challenge (fast travelled to area).

I also have 15/14 (or is it 16/14 ?) barn finds from way back. Apparently, iirc, some of the barn finds were available by other means (wheelspins, auction, etc) and double counted… and/or some barn finds from FH4 were being counted as barn finds in FH5 when purchased. Something like that. I think it’s in the “solved” list of known issues, under “by design or won’t fix”

Neither issue really bothers me. FH4 had similar. It’s sloppy but doesn’t, at least on it’s own and on the surface, actually impact game play.

I’ve had a couple of places popup as new discoveries.

And Treasure chests are still added to the bonus board total lol

Same. 58/56

Yes I got a popup saying New Location Discovered, and it was by a Festival X Button which is obviously somewhere I would have been already.

Yes. I’m at 57/56.

Yup I’m 58/56 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Same. 58/56

Also 58/56. I also have credit for like 252/250 board, maybe a couple more, haven’t noticed it pop up lately…

There’s a ton of them that are listed as more than the max … Bugs eating away in the server room and nobody can even see them let alone stamp them down.

I was just asking the same ? It’s got me # lootashoota7787

Yep, 58/56 here. Somebody needs to teach the devs some math. One near the main festival and one while driving around, I can’t remember where it was.

Yup, another 58 out of 56 victim. What’s crackin’ off ?