Anyone else not been able to upgrade cars at times?


So today I did a full everything tune (DL) on Ford Escort FE. To get their max kw I see they put on the V8 upgrade and twin turbo.
wanted to tune it myself with all the upgrades but I can’t equip the twin turbo, I’ve had to pay the difference and probably less powerful path of supercharger path.

But it’s annoying that I can’t equip the twin turbo, it’s got the owned “house” icon but when I go to select it, it does nothing. Leaving me with a max 750kw/1131NM max car when I can use someone elses tune with the twin turbo and get it at 793kw/1209nm max.
Have others had this issue, or one like it?

I have restarted my pc and game, even tried it on the xbox one and still same issue. Leaving me annoyed and confused about it.

This is a tune that you downloaded?

I did download a max tune to see what they put on the engine upgrades to get the max kw/nm.
However when you remove the tune you can see what was put on, I went to put everything on but it won’t let me put the twin turbo on.

I do a fair bit of tuneing pleas do a screen shot as well as a game clip of 60s of you trying to sellect the turbos may be able to see what is going on. as you should have no trouble doing this. Then send me a message via Xbox and I will take a look at the clip.

I got hold of a second Escort FE maxed it out and own both the twin turbo and the supercharger. Just tested it and can install either. Double-clicked and the spanner icon locks in and it installs okay I flipped back and forth a few times to be sure so something has gone pear-shaped there for you.

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Hmm thanks, Yeah i can switch to stock and super charger, but it won’t select twin turbo, super charger is pretty much as good it looks like, still annoying though!

It will equip it in a tune, just not manual selection…

Kind of kills the theory for me that if I buy a car at the AH with a tune and remove it I lose all the parts where you have indicated you lost access to the twin turbo but did you have to buy all the parts again or did they remain after you unlocked the DL tune?

It was my original FE car, all i did was get a max kw/nm tune. Afterwards I could see all the upgrades that were on it, original and from the tune.
So I went to equip them all manually. I can do them all except the twin turbo (after v8 upgrade) which has the “house” bought icon. When I go to equip it, it just blinks on it like it is trying to put it on, but it won’t. Tried taking off and on tunes, equipping super charger to default and back etc, still nothing. Must be some bug in the game. Wondered if it had happened to anyone else on that car or other.

I can install both on the Escort so it could be specific to the car you have and a bug although that does not make a lot of sense since we all download the same car data and any alterations, livery is saved as you add it to the garage or exit the upgrade shop. Generally, FE cars come with the default upgrades which will show in the garage. If I buy an upgraded tuned car at the AH and remove the tune I lose the parts and have to buy again. A few times so far if the person who owned the car has upgraded it but before selling it removes their custom tune(or at least is not showing as tuned) then the parts will show up as I go to upgrade and tune myself I don’t get charged but this could be a lucky bug :-). I have another FE Escort so I will buy the parts for that and see if I run into trouble with that one. I also have a tune(DL) that cost about 140’000 CR inc parts which is in need a tweak but I wasn’t keen on removing the tune but it is worth a shot now if you see parts in the garage.

Did you go the V8 upgrade path though and get the twin turbo?
My children have an account I could test this on also. Only way to see if it is easy to replicate though.

Dont think I got the snip correct but :man_shrugging: :thinking:

OK from what im reading it sounds like a glitch please try this

Download a matching tune and fit it to the car it should not cost any thing except the rims if they are different Take the car for a couple of laps in Free play and then when finished sellect Test Drive and then Strip the tune in test drive and then rebuild it.

Have done more testing and adviod downloading Tunes that may be fitted with Twin Turbos. Till Bug is Patched

So you have experienced this?

Why a matching tune?

Attempt 2

Some times you get a glitched tune and it wont work correctly and downloading a matching one can override the glitched tune.

But as ther appears to be a bug affecting several cars it is not the tunes at fault only way to fix I found is to Grab the same car with out a tune on it and add the corrupt parts and save the tune and then load that tune on to the one with the Glitched Turbos.

You should only hvae to install the engine and race turbo for it save as a tune and then load that tune on to the glitched car then you will be able to load the rest of the parts on to the car

Most cars can be bought cheaper from the Auto Dealer than the Auction House try the Auto Dealer befor the Auction house as the Ford Escort FE is only 120,000 from the Auto Dealer and min 200,000 in the Auction House.

I have the exact same problem with my Ferrari GTO. I downloaded a tune for it, and when I installed the tune, I had to pay about 21,000 for the parts. And I did the same thing. I wanted to use the parts setup but tune it myself. So I removed the downloaded tune and went about installing al the parts I paid for. All but the twin turbo. Same as described above, the part shows “in house” but it won’t install when I click on it. All the other parts I paid for are installed, only the twin turbo won’t install, so I can’t match the download tune parts set-up. But when I re-install the downloaded tune, I have the horsepower that the twin turbo is good for. Remove the downloaded tune, and I can’t install the twin turbo even though it shows that I own it.

It looks to me that the problem is pretty specific…if you own a car and download a tune for it, you have to pay for the parts. If you remove the tune, you still have the parts you paid for, but they all un-install when the tune is removed. But you can got through the parts list and they show the house in the box, and you can install them. But both myself and Moody76, downloaded a tune, and paid for the parts included in that tune. All the other parts installed normally, except for the twin turbo. 2 different cars, but both of us couldn’t use the twin turbo even though it shows that it is “in house”. Click on it, and it still shows the house, and no horsepower is added. I can’t even re-buy it, because it shows that I already own it. It’s got to be a glitch in the game. It’s probably not a very widely used part.

Could also be on other cars also, I haven’t done this on many cars - it would be pretty unlikely I have hit the one car it is affected by.

Escort FE V8 Street Twin - 866HP R853 > Sport Twin - 983HP R872 > Race Twin 1063HP R883 all on the same car and can switch freely between all of them

  • 1063HP I will be sure to wave as I fly past you :slight_smile:

OK guys I have found a fix for this and it only cost me about 200,000 So guess who will be doing a bit of grinding.

OK I grabed one of my Spare BMW M4 FE And Downloada a tune for max PI I then broke the tune and well Could not fit the Twin Turbo have, game Clip showing this, Now to fix the Problem you need to get a stock car of the same model with no tune on it then Tune it to max PI and then save this tune no need to do any tuening yet were just putting on the matching parts list from the other car,

Once this is done go back to the car that you can not get the twin turbos on and install your tune. and hey presto twin turbos fitted. :tada: :tada: :tada:

You can also do a limited part build by just changeing the Engine and adding the Twin Turbos and then saving this tune, then go back to the offending car and load this engine and turbo tune and then build on that tune from by using the parts all ready owned. Will save you some creds

Apart from that avoid downloading tunes that may be fitted with Twin Turbos till this Bug is fixed.

Now if you do not all ready have a matching car depending what car it is it could get very expensive to fix this bug if I had to buy the BMW M4 FE it would have cost over 500,000 to fix this Bug with the Twin Turbos.

Hi Luna there is a bug I just put a DL tune on one Of my BMW M4 FE and guess what I can not refit the turbos weird so I am going to load on of my tunes on to it and see if I can do that or not and if it will accept my tune and over ride the Twin Turbo glitch.

It is not a bug we would see as we both do our own tunes.

Apparently posting the workarround for this will not be approved have postede it twice now and not approved

Thank you to the Moderator for finding my missing post cheers🤝

Short version buy an stock car with no tune same as the glitched one tune it with the engine ang Turbo only save that tune and then copy it to the glitched car then put the rest of the parts on that car.

Ford Escorts FE are 120,000 from Car dealer that is 80,000 cheaper than the AH

And this is the 3rd time I have posted this info in today, sorry for any incovence caused by post not getting approval That is out of my hands.

I have about 12 of those M4 FE’s so if you wreck yours and need a new one with a turbo on it let me know. I will throw in the livery free LOL

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