Anyone else just get a Rip Rod for no reason?

Logged in for the first time since the patch a day or two ago. For some reason, the 50% Bentley was awarded to me (why it wasn’t awarded to me before I logged off last time is weird… 50% is 50%), and I got the Rip Rod. I did a cursory search here, and on Google, but couldn’t find anything. Anyone else? Did some math change behind the scenes or something? Now I just need the 812.

Perhaps you got it as a Star Card reward?

“Become a PR Stunt Superstar to earn the 2012 Hot Wheels Rip Rod (Legendary Car)”

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This will most likely be why. Thanks Ti Hsien

It’s the Star Card reward for doing all the PR Stunts. Just read the notes for said patch.

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I wonder why people don’t read the patchnotes and then bother to write a post in the forum. For one thing, Playground itself is to blame. why the hell don’t the patchnotes appear the first time they start after the update? Would spare unnecessary questioning


When you get the Rip Rod it could tell you why you got the Rip Rod.


Would make sense a message in the news tab in game message center. Would for a lot of things actually. never been a message that tab since release why even have it. same for the dlc tab.

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