Anyone else having this problem??

hi all,

since the game update last week, which was the smoking tire pack update, I have been having troubles with in game voice chat whilst playing in multiplayer (people cant hear me. I can hear them). and its not my headset what is knackered, because it works on every other game I own and in party chat.
so if anybody has had this problem, how did you fix it? and if its not a problem with the game, then, what could it be?

thanks in advance

Yeah I’ve been seeing this as well. A guy in our lobby was talking the whole time and then all of the sudden stopped. Next day he said he could hear us we just couldn’t hear him and his mic was fine. I was just in a lobby in which I’m sure I couldn’t hear them. The mics would light up but I heard nothing and also didn’t hear music.

yeah its weird. ive just tried using Kinect for voice chat and that works fine. I hope somebody from turn 10 sees this and does something about it. seen as though they don’t give you a support number to ring!!!

Same problem for me aswell please fix