anyone else having this issue??

so i got the hot wheels expansion, and now when im in the vanilla game i cant get into an online freeroam. it keeps saying to go back to freeroam to continue…but im already in freeroam…any thoughts? or anyone having this issue?

My issue is I bought and downloaded the HW expansion but it shows it locked and I can’t get to it. Do you have to be further in the Regular game to unlock it. If so I think that is a horrible way to launch it.

they said in the live stream that you needed to upgrade your second festival ore something like that for it to pop up. its like 2,5 hours of gameplay…

edit: second festival is either the outback ore surfers paradise if I remember correctly.

Ring of light on the world map quick travel to the hot wheels site and when it prompts you if you want to travel there I believe you hit x and you will open the expansion pack.