Anyone else having problems sharing liveries?

When trying to share a livery I’m getting an Inappropriate Content message for no apparent reason.

Anyone else having problems?

This is what I’m trying to share.

NGK is an inappropriate word, Forza thinks so.

I wish I could be of more help to you.

Try Nitrous Express or Dick Johnson. The kiddies must be shielded from naughty words otherwise society will crumble to dust!

Yeah, I’ve had a bunch of tunes get flagged as inappropriate when I tried to share them. Just rename it to something else and it should go through. One of the HLC events I needed to skip several version numbers because whatever abbreviation I was using for the track plus several version numbers was apparently a dirty word in whatever alternate spacetime Forza’s language filter is culling from. “Overzealous” doesn’t even begin to describe the language filter.

I started naming my liveries to make it easier to find what I’m looking for when importing files into future games. I use last 2 digits of year then the model name (for example - “05 WRX STI”). I thought using this method, I shouldn’t have any problems with the language filter - WRONG! “81 Citroen 2CV6” and “81 Fiesta XR2” were not allowed. It accepted them without the 81 or if there was a space in the middle(8 1). Interestingly, it had no problem with “81 M1”.

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Ate one? I guess it depends on what they think you ate.