Anyone else having issues with VIP wheelspins?

I did a couple of Goliath runs today to grind for money for the final 2 Ferraris I want to have, and on the first 2 or 3 runs everything was normal…then about 2 hours ago, I noticed that suddenly wheelspins didn’t give me a VIP bonus any more. I leveled up a bit more (one more Goliath race, then switching to shorter races to eliminate the possibility of something being wrong with Goliath payouts), but it’s consistent - my VIP bonus seems to be gone, and of course I have been lucky on wheelspins since then and have missed almost a million credits thanks to my suddenly missing VIP status. Are other seeing this too, or is this an issue with my account?

Does it continue after you have rebooted your equipment?

Had the same problem a few time ago.
After a reboot it was solved.

Unfortunately the problem persists after a reboot. I’m at a high enough level that wheelspin money doesn’t matter that much any more, but still it’s annoying…let’s hope it sorts itself out somehow.

Ah-ha. After another reboot, the problem solved itself…plus, the game decided that since I am now a VIP again, it needs to gift me another raptor and 2 NSX’s. Off to the auction house…