Anymore DLC with achievements?

Can anyone say for sure if there will be / wount be any DLC after Hoonigan Pack which will contain achievements?

not likely, this game is pretty much finished now except for a few more weeks of forzathons

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Did they say that? Are Forzathons coming to an end?

Nothing said
But nothing ever is
They put 2 months in advance for the first time since release but that could mean anything
But forzathons will be starting in fm7 probably soon…so might end in fh3

I’ll second that, except for the forzathons. I guess they will do them any longer, since it isn’t much work to integrate them.

Don’t think there will be anymore addons/DLC for FH3.

At least i’m hoping for Forza Horizon 4 next year.

Sorry for hi-jacking the thread … But, how getting achievements without DLC?

For Hoonigans I found the Twerkstallion in an official FH3 blueprint at the outskirts of Surfers Paradise,
with this you easily get “Squashed banana” and with some work “Rockin’ Horse”.
Also the Escort is in a blueprint at the construction site, but getting to 300000 skill points for “Got that swagger” would be easier at the banana plantations.
So is there any clubs or gamertags to befriend to get blueprints were some Hooningan achivements are possible.

Hoonicorn in surfers paradise for the “Flight of the Hoonicorn”
Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche ner Hillside Drift zone for “Send it”
Escort for “Got that swagger” closer to the banana plantations.

Any other achievement possible by lending cars in multiplayer?