Anybody looking for legit races?

Hey everyone I’m new to forza 6 online but I have played it quite a bit. I have a lot of racing game experience. I tried to race online for the first time today and it was awful. It was like a demolition derby. I’m interested in actually racing (using the brakes, racing lines and legit clean passes and hard racing). If any of you are interested let me know you may kick my butt but at least the racing will be tough but fair and clean. Also any suggestions on how to avoid the demolition derby online please let me know.

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I am also having hard time to find decent lobby to enjoy racing.

If sim racing (cockpit, no assists, no brake line etc) is what you’re after, be sure to check us out at Global Sim Racing. We were founded in 2013 and run all different types of series on both FM and PCars, so there is always something for everyone no matter the skill level!

The first (read 13th) season for the AGTRC is starting in 3 weeks. Feel free to join us. we normally have a group of guys on every night practicing for the season opener.

If you’re interested in some clean racing sign up for my Class A Ford VS Chevy shootout. Just look for it on the racer’s lounge and you should see it.