Anybody experiencing new random problems?

I’m curious if anybody else has had any new totally random problems since the new update, not in reference to the Blizzard Mountain Expansion.
So far it look no time at all for me to have a new set of issues with this game.

  1. Logitech g27 at beginning of game no longer can be used to either enter the festival or drive, must use the keyboard to select an option.
  2. The random sound disappearing from previous forzas is making a reappearance, except now when it happens it’s permanent until I restart the game.
  3. Game crashed upon crashing into another car.

These are things that I have yet to experience before, and it took less than 15 minutes for all of this to happen. The game was working quite well previously, it’s a shame that they are pushing to make money with new expansions without making sure the actual game is even reasonably stable.
Anybody else having similar issues? I’m really confused as to why this supposedly AAA title plays like Sonic 06.