Anybody else with issues after update to series 21? XBOX ONE X


I was excited to have Series 21 to play today since Covid has basically shut down my state. Anyway I went in to the third circuit race of “Scrambled Megs” and it took about 10 minutes just to load after selecting my car. Once I could finally start the race I’m like 6 or 7 turns in and can’t get through cause all of the competition jammed up the corner. Then I see why: they crashed into traffic cars… on a cricuit race. So that’s new I thought and went on to win. Finish the 3rd lap and the finish order/leader board never comes up, nor even the finish animation. I’m watching my car drive around the circuit now on it’s own while I type this. Can’t press any buttons to get out of it. Bit of a bug I’d say, or maybe it’s a feature?

I’d say that’s on developers. Keep the car bot running and collect the credits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, submit a ticket via support site.

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It might be an XBox update, the whole thing crashed today.

Seems to have been an isolated incident. The 4+ hours I played afterword just trying to win the trial for this season went off without and technical issues.

Issues with players on the blue team bumping me out of gates etc on the other hand… Not to mention half quit when we don’t win the first round. Going to play again today hoping to finally win so I can check that off the list. I’ll be running 4th or 5th get shoulder checked out of a gate and never catch up. Almost always blue players.