any way to re-sync your files from another Forza?

As the title says, is there any way to re-sync your files from a previous Forza game? I tried Importing a few of my liveries over only to find they had decals that were no longer in game, so I jumped over to FH3 fixed the issue and came back only to find that I can’t seem to update that info in FM7, any help is appreciated.

I’ve not had to re-sync a whole livery but it seems to re-sync layer groups o.k. - bit of pain but as a workaround, you could save the sides of the car as vinyl groups and import those separately. I seem to think we had to do that when moving paints to the original Horizon game on 360.

Thanks for the reply, I had thought of saving them as vinyl groups as well (not sure if you have to share to force it to re-sync) but so far nothing will re-sync or update, not even my tunes, so I’m not sure if I’m missing some tiny step or not

I didn’t share any of my layers groups, I was painting on fh2 earlier partly to save dealing with the annoying step change they seem to have introduced when using the d-pad on fm7 & partly so I can use whatever I make in other fm games if I want. I’d imported a wip layer group to fm7, then later imported it again when I was done. So should work for you.

By chance are you renaming the layers created or even applying a name to them? I have a bad tendency not to name stuff and just keep saving everything as “Forza” files, that’s about the only thing I can guess why my Vinyls won’t update/re-sync either.

I always give my stuff a different name, nothing fancy, just something different to remind me what it’s for or what it is lol. I’m sure I read something ages ago which said just saving as forza was a bad idea for some reason.

WobbleSausage (great name by the way) you might try making sure everything has a unique name. I’ve been able to import every vinyl group and every complete design I’ve tried to import with no problems at all … some shared and some not shared in the original game. And all of my vinyls and designs have unique names.

OK, so I think I failed to describe whats going on properly, when I first got into FM7 I went to the cars section went to transfer my files to the new game, I had to wait for game to sync with FH3 (about an hour) then I only had access to about half of my paintjobs, however I did get all my vinyls but NOW when I right bumper over to FH3 files it just shows the same ones as when I first synced my comp. I need this scan to update or re-scan for my files but I can’t figure out how to start this. I’ve tried logging out of everything, restarting my comp, not having any luck getting getting FM7 to pull up my newest stuff.

Thanks for the replies thus far, I’ve tried everything I can think as well as suggestions and I’m at a loss.

Don’t know what to tell you on this issue. Every time I’ve tried to import any new or edited vinyls or designs from previous games, they’ve always all been there the next time I start up FM7. I’m on XB1 by the way … don’t know that that should make any difference. In my experience with FM7 and all previous Forza games, I’ve never seen any option to force the game to manually scan or sync vinyls and/or designs … they’ve just always all been there.