Any way to mirror?

I just got done with the right side of my first widebody. I copy it to the other side and when i try to flip it, it, of course, doesn’t line up right. I don’t want to start over on the other side because I want it to be symmetrical. Any ideas? Thanks.

Go to the other side of the car and press A and then insert from one side to another

If it doesn’t line up, reposition the other side then, not all cars paint axis are centered.

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  1. Paint 2 Vertical lines down the left (or right) side (Enough so you can see them on the top view to align)
  2. Copy & Stamp them over the roof and align so they match the side.
  3. Paint a single Horizontal line down the left (or right) side so it hits the front and back bumper.
  4. Stamp horizontal line on front and back. (remember to align)
  5. Go to the side you didnt stamp lines on and insert all from Left (or right)
  6. Align the design on all axis, and or scale where needed (yes some cars need this!)
  7. Remove all the lines off the car.
  8. Copy decals from the other side bit by bit by overlaying the correct logo on the inversed logo.
  9. Delete inversed logo, and repeat #8 until livery is matching.
  10. Sit back and enjoy!

Will post a pic later that explains better!