Any trouble signing into XBL?

whilel loading fh4 i could not sign in and the xbox live statis says all normal. Cant sign in on main page either is there a known issue going on? Also my xbox one nework page says all service available

Seems to be working for me on the page. I’m not at home with my console at the moment.

Add to title and forza reward credits

Also i did not get my forza reward credits, any one else not get there forza reward credits?

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Going by the amount of threads in the support section of both fh4 and fm7 there’s quite a few others that didnt…me included…
But i guess I’ll get double next week…or triple the week after if it still doesnt get fixed

Try properly restarting your console from the console settings screen and press restart console

Had the same problem, no Credits for me…