Any tips for better launches?

Hi, I’ve been around since FM1 on the original Xbox. Spent most of my childhood locked away playing Forza and necking bottles of irn bru.

Last few Forza titles I made the step of no assists.

No TCS, SCS, ABS and I’m using Manual clutch.

The game is beyond compare better without these assists. Driving in general is much more fun.

Anyway to the point of the post, I struggle launching RWD cars at the start of the race. I always seem to end up really far down the grid before the first corner. AWD obviously not an issue.

Any suggestions to better launches? Am I missing something?
I’ve tried low revs, tuning and all that stuff. Thanks.

It’s normal, not much you can do about it. Did you try it in FH4? It was the same.

Yeah, I’ve been no assists for a very long time. I’m pretty fast so it’s never been a issue. Just trying to improve areas of my game and launch is sort of the last piece of the puzzle.

Thanks for the reply by the way :slight_smile:

Use the launch control!!!
Hold brake and full throttle,… go to 2nd or reverse and back to first!!

Really awesome new feature. Oh wait,… what,… each race starts immediately; Hahahahaha,….

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A little bit of wheelspin off the line is ok. The key is to not let that freak you out. Once you get your revs up, either ease up on the throttle or grab second early. Which choice is better it’s highly dependent on car and tune.

Part of the issue with trying to give generic advice is that there is no universal advice that works for all cars. Knowing the car and it’s limitations is a big part of managing launch. Some cars it’s possible to have a perfect start with no wheelspin, others need a little bit of rolling before the torque from the engine can properly transfer through the drive tires into the tarmac without spinning.

I just half down the accelerator and then floor it after the little bit of spin at the start. I adjust the 1st gear for clearance depending on the acceleration of the car. Low revs don’t help, better to spin a bit to warm the tires and push you off.

Beside fat rear tires, put in a rece-gearbox & try a longer 1st gear