Any room for better rain effect update?

I know most of us have seen all the videos about forza 6, drive club, and project cars rain effects and graphics. I would like to see the rain on the windshield and windows more like drive club. can it be done?

Performance > fancy effects.

I am sure it is possible, but that would certainly take more performance as there is a physics style effect going on there. Forza 6 is a triumph of performance, absolutely rock solid 60fps no matter what. No compromise for that locked framerate is admirable.

Maybe they can squeeze that out for another iteration, or possibly Horizon 3 because it’ll be a 30fps game again, with a bit more room to make that sort of thing work.

It is a shame: the rain FEELS superb, but LOOKS kinda “meh”.

They have bigger fish to fry though, IMO.

Window effects pretty good, I’d be more focused on better spray effects

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True, project cars has pretty poor performance all things considered, struggling to maintain 60fps and vsync in the rain on console. Driveclub is the best looking racer around it looks stunning but it’s on a more powerful console and only targets 30fps with less opponents on screen. Hence it can afford the very impressive rain effects too. Driveclub definitely looks better but the thing is Forza is still the better game to play.

So yea. Priorities.

The rain effects are really good but I agree compared to the other two it lags behind. But Where Forza beats the other two Is in performance and physics. I much rather the cars handle realistically when on wet roads. Forza nails the feeling of driving in the rain down.

Physics? Really?? Forza 6 is a good game but the physics are not on par with project cars. They are pretty good in Forza but they are much better in Project Cars.

Personally as far as the rain and night time racing goes I would rather it not even be in the game until it can be done dynamically. The rain tracks are way over done, far to much water on them, I would think that IRL a race would be unlikely to happen if conditions were that bad. GT and PCars both do this much better.

Yeah, they could be better, but they’re not bad considering it’s the first time rain ever made it to a Forza game while keeping it at 60 fps.

For sure, I’d like to see better splash and spray effects… water also beading/moving on the paintjob instead of only the windscreens etc.

I dont mind the weather not being dynamic, however, the water on the track is overdone. I think it looks fine, the wet performance is good as well, except for the overbearing puddles, which would never happen like that IRL.

I think if they update it, they just need to cut puddles back a bit and live with wet tracks and I’d be happy.

well do get me wrong, the 60fps is perfect. but if you look at the rain effects compared to real life. drive club did it right, it is a little over dramatic but it looks great. project cars adding water trail effect and water lines at the end of the wipers is really good. its very close to real life. forza 6 only uses a crap ton of water beads all clumped together. it is nice to see where the wipers stop all the water clumps together a slides off the windshield, depending on going around corners and how fast you are driving. i think turn10 can work on the rain effect and try to make it more realistic.

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