Any questions about designing?

just wondering if any body wanted to know anything about designing hopefully some other legend painters can also come and anser any questions about designing thought it would just be simpler to have one forums for this then lots of different ones about just one question cheers

We don’t need any more mediocre legend painters.

No1 wants to go through the forums to find there ANSER it’s way more simple

No1 wants to spoonfeed bad vinyl copying advice either. Legend painters should have legendary paints. It takes some practice to make awesome paintjobs, even on PC with window transparency. Back in the old days paintjobs were made solely with the jerky thumbsticks on the Xbox controller. Now you can just have window overlay and copy away. With it being as easy as it is now, no one should need advice, especially with all the tutorials that are one Google search away.

I’ll reiterate: we don’t need any more copy-paste legend painters further ruining the status name and flooding the auction house with horribly painted RX-7’s.

yeah you are right tbh never mind lol

“Old days”? Mine are still made on the jerky controller (with the aid of overhead projector slides stuck on the screen). :wink:

Agree with your other sentiments.

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HAHA! that ‘tracing paper’ method was used by me too!!
So funny doing it way back when in FM2


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i love your designs

Well… I guess I can’t assist since I’m just a lowly Elite Painter…

How do I become a Legend in the Forza world & design cars like you have abundantly graced the storefront with? I’m merely a peasant Elite Painter… so your skills must be greater than us not in the Legendary status can fathom…

Eye-catching (clickbait) designs. Easy 1,000+ downloads, uses, and likes total per day.

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