Any problems with PM trolls?

Just seeing if this has been an issue with anyone. I was racing S ghost league, pinnacle division today. We had a race at Spa in the rain. There were 5 of us, I was in second place all three laps. On the last lap, 3rd place started gaining on me and we were jostling for position and I had him beat till the very last chicane before the Start/finish line. Well he cut the chicane to take second place.

He (I wont reveal his gamertag), leaves the lobby, and about 3 minutes later I get a PM from the guy while I was in the next race. I figured it was him sending a quick note apologising about the last corner, but instead he started started saying I was “really a noob”. It was a totally clean race, It was ghost league for crying out loud. The irony was that he was the one to cut the corner, and I dont think there were any other issues.

Was I being trolled, or is there some ghost league ettiquete I broke without knowing?

Anyone else have any issues like this?

Sounds like he wants to rub the win in your face. I’d just ignore it.

If it was a clean race the whole time and the only reason he won is because he cut the last corner then it sounds like he’s just trying to get under your skin. That probably wasn’t the only corner he cut either.

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Ignore it. The guy was obviously being an absolute moron and proved it by first cutting the corner, and then being obnoxious about it. I was running 2nd in a ghost race in the wet at Sebring, only to be passed on the last lap by someone completely cutting the penultimate corner.

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The only messages I get usually are along the lines of “Good battle”, “Good race” or “Sorry I bumped into you”.

Those are usually the kinds I send too.

The players either a kid, or a just moron adult. Just ignore them, it’s not worth getting into it with anyone over this game.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I kinda took it as that as well and ignored it. It was my first league in pinnacle which I’m sure has more serious racers (above trolling thats for sure) and I also wanted to make sure I hadn’t broken some unspoken rule, but it’s impossible to bump in ghost, and I took the proper line (which cost me a position) so I couldn’t think of what it could be.

I had this earlier in c class ghost racing at Watkins glen, I had a very tight race for 3rd and beat someone by .002, lets just say that he wasn’t too happy about it. We were side by side all the race and it was great fun until he messed up slightly on last 2 turns and I had the pull on him till the line.

Someone actually did a “complaint” PM over this. I could see not being happy. But other then nice race get you next time. Why would you send a nasty gram for losing in ghost league. It’s all on you in ghost leagues. What car you pick, being consistent, how in the world could you be upset with another racer (other then normal - Corner cutting, you’re in leaderboard car)

If you can’t run ghosts without getting upset you definately should never get in collision lobby.

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Remind the good guys and forget about the rest…
All about clean racing and position isnt the most important thing!
Got beaten by corner cutter-give yourself one rank up!

I wish I was getting those messages. They were fun. But then again I enjoy talking smack and seeing people get all bent out of shape.

I agree with you, he blamed me for everything you could think of in a race situation. I actually found it hilarious that he blamed me for going too fast into a turn and lost momentum.

Anyone else find it funny that XBOKS TERN 0FF is posting about being trolled by someone in Xbox messages? No offence to XBOKS, I find his name hilarious just the situation is kind of ironic…lol.


Trust me, my name causes many people to accidentally activate Kinect and scream loudly down the headset, it was the main reason for my name if you’re wondering.