Any plans for Custom Drift Adventure?

So as in title, any plans for a Custom Drift Adventure? I have way too many S1 RWD tunes that aren’t used at all cause I keep getting A Class RWD or when I do get S1, it’s AWD. Only luck I’ve gotten to experiencing true fun multiplayer drifting was on Fortune Island and that’s if they load you into the same instance as the other players. I would have thought giving players options was a basic criteria in game design but apparently not in Horizon…?

Game is too old, there is not even enough resources to fix the bugs so …

Well that’s a shame. I do hope PG at least understands for their next sequel that custom adventures and free-for-alls are always the way to go in Forza.

The current custom championship has the benefit to exist but is far from a good implementation of it. Globally, it requires at least 2 guys coming at the very same moment, looking to the exact same racing parameters to create a new championship, easy on saturday evening, less thursday 3AM. if you come for CC no coll, you have no way to know that another is waiting for CC with coll at the same moment unless you take the time to test all combinations … the fix was not so complex but I think they wanted to keep that feature used by a minimum of players.

All that to say that if custom drift was there, you would be unlikely to have a game unless going there with mates.