Any one having problems with GameDVR and Forza Horizon 2?

It isn’t playing sound properly in the video, often the engine noise cuts out, the music is completely different to what I was listening to when playing and it is generally just really glitching volume level wise.!3036&authkey=!AEXPc6E-aiDjZqw&ithint=video%2cmp4

Example there, I had engine sounds on and the music randomly changes too and the music at the start is all muffled, yet when playing it was fine.

I’ve recorded a quite a few clips now and haven’t run into this issue yet.

I see no reason why it should make a difference, but I record mine from the smartglass app.

I actually had an issue getting the DVR to record at all but that might be an issue with the DVR instead of a conflict between the DVR and the game.