Any one else not caring about finishing any weekly stuff

Got early access and played pretty heavy for a few days finished the pre season task but when the weekly season started I only did 16 points for the week played every Forza game but this seems to be missing the fun element and I find myself only playing a few minutes each day instead of the hours I expected.

Kinda regret getting the add on bundle now just the game is to Grindy and to many problems hope they get em fixed been finding other games that are taking my time this truly might be the last Forza I play.

Hope everyone else enjoys the game.


While I admit I am a little burned out after playing a lot on launch week, I absolutely still plan to keep playing to unlock the exclusive cars and earn some accolades along the way o/

I like most of the game. I like the new physics, and I am managing to make tunes to beat the Ai. The one problem is however that it seems I have to tune every car myself. I wasn’t a tuner in FH4, and now suddenly I have to be a tuner.

I’m liking a lot of the game, and disliking certain design decisions in others, but the time-gated content is a massive opt-out from me. I really don’t want to positively influence the participation statistics of this egregious practice. Some of the daily stuff I’ve accidentally got, but I have no intention of deliberately pursuing the playlist, no matter what cars they lock behind it. These cars absolutely must be added to the autoshow after a period time from the playlist.


They never did that in FH4 so don’t hold your breath. I agree they should, but I bet they don’t.

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I have to agree, I really dragged my feet on the last weekly and I’ve only bothered with the Trial tonight as I like to get that one out of the way early while there tends to be more skilled players.

Even recently I was enjoying the weeklies in FH4.

The issue for me is the specificity of the car to be used. In FH4 I could hop in the rally mosler and bang out all the PR stunts in 10 minutes, unless one was a very high speed camera and I needed the race mosler. Now I have to check what car is needed, see if I have one, tune it to a specifc PI… it’s all just nonsense busy work for a couple of points towards a car I already PAID for.

The races aren’t so bad, I used to have fun trying to do those in an untuned car, ocassionally needing a tune and even the Trial was mostly fine with a tuned car (S2 Street Scene Rain - yuck).

We also have more forced multiplayer and the daylies seem to be getting more involved. They were supposed to be quick hits and now we have ‘play the Eliminator’

It’s a transparent time grab to have best ever player ‘enragement’ (sic)

Just the festival screen looks overwhelming… bold… in your face at a time when we are busy with other early game activities.
I think FH4 actually benefited from the playlist coming out part way through the life cycle when players had worked through a lot of the in game content.


Snap… I’m tired of blasting through a PR scratching my head to find I’m in the wrong car or the wrong class. It’s extra work for little reward.

Let’s hope once accolades aren’t the rage, it will return to normal.


You can always use correct car in correct class. Much less work required.

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I’m not feeling this new festival playlist crap either. Too much grind for too little reward. For once, I’m actually enjoying the stories more than the playlist, a complete opposite of fh4.
Once I complete all the normal races I’ll probably just call it good and move on to something else that don’t require grind after grind after grind.

I’m not hating on fh5 as I want to enjoy it but if they don’t add back rates/competitive races then many players such as myself have no reason to play the game much longer as there will be no replayability factor for us.

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I had 0 pints in Summer. The times I played were mainly to free roam, tune a car and do a race. I wish I have more time to play though, but that’s life.

I always tell myself I’ll get them when the game’s on life support and the events are turned on in a loop, but I never actually do.

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I have to agree with you.

Being forced to play a certain way after the game JUST got released is a real chore.
And since i’m a completionist, you spend a LOT of time in that playlist to get everything done.
I didn’t like how they forced you to play FH4 to get exclusive cars (because when you go on holiday for 2 weeks, you don’t necessarily want to play Horizon ya know ?)
Now they push me even further by not even letting me discover the game one step at a time.

They basically ruin their own game, lol.

Sometimes i wonder if devs really play the games they release or not.


Will do as I did in H4; just do some seasonracing if there`s a car I want. Playin the game on my own premises

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I’m in the opposite camp. I’m not very goot with tuning or car selection. These weeklies give me a reason to pop in for some new fun and try new race styles with cars I never use. It adds longevity to an already amazing game that will undoubtedly get two amazing dlcs (if history is any indication) and if many of those cars wind up being duplicates, then great. Money!
I only discovered Horizon with 3 and never deep-dived as much as I have with this one. As I gain more vehicles, finish stories, I realized that I’m staying in the game because it’s just a fun place to be and play. Even if I come in dead last in a trial, I learn from other players, their tunes, and sometimes get the points just because someone strong carried our team to victory.
I’ll be playing Horizon 5 on and off straight through until 6. I even have avoided finishing road discovery and signs just because I want to save the task for later. I’m not really sure what more anyone could ask from a game of this type. Sure, some people don’t want to do dailies, but for others, this and progression mean the world.


Don’t get me wrong I like to finish the seasonal/daily challenges, and I love to tune cars manually for each race, track etc… but arrgghhh the amount of times I’ve done a PR in the wrong car or wrong class is in unbelievable. I’m now sitting with a pen and paper beside me just to take note on what and where a certain car is required… Being on strong meds doesn’t help… hahaha.

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Half of the events dont count towards the goal, so until that is fixed, yup, its kinda dissapointing and sad and it takes a little motivation to do many of the events.
Just finished the playground games, that i hate, and it didnt count towards the weekly completion. Just great.


Beside Arcade now in FH5, I absolutely hate playground games and the eliminator, as I feel that there isn’t ‘real skill’ applied and chance outweighs winning. That Xbox Achievement is going to do my head in… hahaha.

That’s not wrote to offend anyone who enjoys any of these events, but personally I prefer ‘racing skills’ within a racing game.

Keep Battle Royal and things like Capture the Flag to Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. Forza doesn’t have to compete against these games, its own foundations were and are enough to keep us ‘racing fans’ and ‘car enthusiasts’ here.


Grinds? There is literally nothing about this game that is grindy. Too many snowflakes complained about fh4 progression and now everything is handed out on a silver platter.

But to answer the question, no, there’s no point in trying to complete everything in a week because it’s literally impossible to complete everything in the game with all the bugs. Move on to another game or learn how to eat larva.

Well, aren’t we entitled?


You need to consult a dictionary to learn what entitled means