Any news on Fanatec wheel crashing on PC?

I know there’s been two patches as far as I can tell. Neither of them have fixed the PC crashing when using a Fanatec wheel. Has there been any announcement or news if this is on the books? Still sitting here waiting to play…

As of now, there still seems to be no official patch for the crashing. The best fix I have found is to downgrade your fanatec drivers to v346. After that u should be able to play without any crashes. Hopefully a real fix comes out soon.

Rolling back drivers works. It’s what I did to get it ro work on PC. Updated drivers work fine on XBox version. Sadly rolling back drivers means it won’t work on AMS2, which I just picked up on Steam. Can get ACC to work, but have to manually assign steering, throttle, brake, and clutch. Funny that wheel recommendation is to make sure your drivers are up to date, but to get Fanatec Wheel to not crash the PC version of the game, you have to roll them back.

They are a joke. They released a racing game and when you are using a steering wheel crashes. What a stupid mistake you must have done to achieve this… And after a month they haven’t fixed it. I lost faith on them. I regret paying for the ultimate edition, i was expecting to fix that soon and didn’t refund when i could, now i can’t…

Hey mate, Fanatec user here too. Game is still bugged and crashes.

There is a workaround I posted on reddit (link below) that works by rolling back drivers. Then unfortunately you may have issues with other racing games/sims; but Forza Horizon 5 will work.

The forza developers really need to get around to fixing this, the support post launch has been abysmal so far - we’re going on a month now and still no fix, let alone the online issues, I wouldnt hold my breath.