Any interest in getting the "Forza Color Sheet" updated?

Hey all, I don’t really post on the forum very often, but I felt like this was worth asking of the paint/design part of the FH3 community. I’m not too sure how many of the casual FH3 players are familiar with the “Forza Color Sheet”, but I believe the more veteran painters/designers will be familiar with what this is. What is the “Forza Color Sheet”? It’s a Google Doc spreadsheet of various real world paint colors, along with the hue, saturation and brightness values needed to create said paint colors. Just about any manufacturer you could wish for is on there, from Acura to Volvo. This spreadsheet has been extremely helpful to me whenever I’m trying to achieve a certain “look” with a particular car…as opposed to using the factory/manufacturer paint options.

But I started slowly to notice something over the many months that I’ve been using this… each paint color was always “off” in one way or another (I.E. a nonmetallic color being washed out or a metallic having too bright of a flake in it). Through a little bit of research, I discovered that this spreadsheet was created in the days of Forza Motorsport 5; which more than likely results in the various paint colors being inaccurate. In addition, there an innumerable amount of new paint colors that are absent from this old spreadsheet. And as we all know, Forza Motorsports paintbooth and lighting are far different than what is found in Forza Horizon 3. (Though I’ve been using this spreadsheet since FH2)

This led me to create this post and see if I could possibly get the FH3 paint/design community, to come together and build up a new and improved database of real-world manufacturer paint colors. If you’re like me, and have spend most of your time in the paintbooth, you know the great feeling you get, whenever REALLY nail the particular look you were going for. Sure, it’s silly to get excited about a good looking paint color you made in a video game… but, it never ceases to get me excited. So, hopefully I can get some of you to rally together and help me get this project started. Let’s see if we can spread some joy throughout the overall FH3 community.

Sorry for rambling!

Link to the “Forza Color Sheet”:

This is one of the situations I liked the Paint Chips in Gran Turismo so you could just copy that exact colour to any car. Some colours are just impossible to get through the hex code junk. I’d love if manufacturer colours would bank into recently used colours. World Rally Blue all things! Or the Jeep Grand Cherokee having Recon Green as an option. It’s too complex to make in the game.
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