Any Help on Drifting?

Hey, I am newer to drifting in Forza Horizon 2 and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and recommend me a car/tune. I have gotten used to AWD drifting and I have heard from some people that I shouldn’t stay in AWD. I’ve been trying out a few drift cars and tunes but I can’t seem to pull off a decent drift in the RWD cars.
Some of my problems:
My back end seems to swing around to the front a lot
I seem to slide too far on the outside of the corners

And it would be nice if someone explained to me how the tuning components affect the car or at least send me a link to a place that it does.

Message ‘Beetfarmer89’ on xbox live, he can help you with drift tunes and drifting tips!

I will I just will be gone for a few hours. Thanks

If I may, I would first like to say that I’m a RWD only guy that used to drift AWD, so hopefully I could shed some light on your problems.

Solution to your first problem:

One of many reasons why your front end would be swinging out too far is dependent on how aggressive you are throwing it in. If this is the reason, I would suggest just slowing down the motion of the car by gently entering, maybe just powering over will help, just so you get a feel of throttle control and how the car will behave under circumstances. If you were doing this before hand or you believe that your drift technique is fine for now, I would think that your tune (if you are playing on the Xbone that is) is a bit too soft on the rear. Having it soft will cause more momentum to shift to the back of the car and cause it to become a bit more lively. Mid drift however, soft suspension should allow you to be on the throttle more often, but then comes back to technique and refining it to work.

Solution to your second problem:

If you seem to be sliding out too wide, that could be caused by many things such as having too much power, being too aggressive on the throttle, or your car’s setup is not able to provide enough grip for your car (again, if you play on the Xbone). For cause one, just use less power. Cause two, this comes back to your first problem, just be calm with your initiation and follow that attitude through your drift. If you become to feel more comfortable with your drifting ability, begin to clutch-kick your entries or use the handbrake to throw your car in a bit more violently to get angle quickly. Cause three, your setup could then be too stiff and your gears may be a bit long, causing you to be more throttle-happy and demand more power, make sure you tune your car with a decent amount of power, but make sure you can tune your car to be as grippy as possible.

With tune setups, Try running 25psi on the front and 26.5-27psi on the back. I find this (with cars that weigh around 2,200-2,400lbs and have around 490-510hp) to give the car a bit of grip. For gears, I tend to have the motor getting close to the limiter in both 3rd and 4th, it just feels more comfortable to me. Springs, I have them relatively soft: 510lbs front, 390lbs back. The bump stiffness I have at 7.5 on the front, 5.5 on the back, then rebound I have at 4.2 on both front and back.

You can send me an FR if you want if you want any of my tunes. All the stuff above is what I generally run on all my S-Chassis nissans and some of my more heavier cars, though the heavier cars tend to have more horsepower.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: