Any Goliath-sized tracks in FH4 that are much more handling-focused?

I’ve been testing cars on the Goliath, but that track generally favors speed over handling with its long straightaways and sweeping corners. I was wondering what the best tracks in the game are (Fortune Island and Lego count) that are similar in length to Goliath, but have much more emphasis on putting each car’s handling to the test. There are many rally cars and extreme track toys in the game with short gearing that just top out and bounce off the rev limiter for extended periods of time on Goliath, and I’d like to rip them around tracks with less straightaways and more technical corners, similar to the Nurburgring so I can enjoy driving them like they were designed to be. Know of any tracks in the game or custom-made tracks that fit that description?

Wouldn’t rally cars best be suited for short off road stages? And track toys would be relegated to shorter asphalt courses? Neither suited to a track like Goliath or the Nürburgring. Lol

I think the big Street Scene race would be a good option however. You can get around the long straights without tuning(wink wink) but it has some technical corners at least. Can’t remember the name however. Marathon?

Im sure there are custom tracks that are similar to the lenght of goliath. If you didnt liked any of it you can create your own also.

By rally cars do you mean cars in the rally monsters class? If so then no. Rally monsters is the most ironic class in the game with full of awful cars that sucks at rallying or anything else. Track toys class has very wide variety of cars which focuses a lot for cornering like Bac Mono or Bmw M3 gtr that in performance wise its just a regular sports car.

Yep its marathon.

Your best bet are custom tracks for something like this. Most longer vanilla tracks are power-favouring with the Kraken on Fortune Island being the exception.
So, if you don’t want to look through countless player-created tracks or make your own one you could use the Kraken if you own Fortune Island.
But even on a very handling-focussed track many cars of the Rallye Monsters and Track Toys category are going to disappoint in comparison to other cars because they are simply garbage.

If you have a specific need for a track why not make your own? For Halloween I made ‘The Scary Hairy Hairpin’… try it!

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@BiaxialWriter0, I think that the Holyrood circuit course offers the best reward in the game for good car handling and driving skill. While it’s not a point-to-point race, the various turns offer a variety of technical challenges. What I’ve done is create a set of longer custom races there for the classic cars that I like most to drive. Twelve laps is my sweet spot, not so long that my mind starts wandering, somewhere around fifteen or twenty minutes or so depending on car class. Give it a try.

For the simple reason, it will take ages to complete a sized goliath race if it was designed for handling and not speed… thats why these tracks are closed circuits most of the time as far as i know. Also, 90% of the custom tracks you can find are garbaje… unfortunately.