Any G920 stiff brake pedal remedies?

What are other drivers doing to aleaviate the stiff pedal and lack of in game stopping power? I’ve been messing around with brake pressure in tunes settings. Basically turning it almost all the way up.

I’m wondering if anything will be done to fix the advanced settings bug so that the dead zones will stay where we customize it to.

Practicing. I got used to it by now, mostly. I do need a couple of laps to find the sweet spot again if I hadn’t played for a few days, though.

It does seem it’s a very small difference between underbraking and locking up, and then the sweet spot somewhere inbetween, but definitely something that can be learned.

Remove the rubber mod.

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It doesn’t have the mod - they made it that way. I just got used to mine, I don’t notice the stiffness now.

I think it’s just bedded in and not that stiff anymore. Mine doesn’t need a lot of force to lock the wheels.

Don’t forget to calibrate pedal when you turn it on. (Push hard as you can 3 times). This is mentioned in the wheel sticky. Play around with dead zones a bit to. I have mine set to 2 on inside and 92 outside. Everyone has a personal preference but I find that works for me! Good luck

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Thank you all for the feed back, much appreciated. Now to hit the track and practice!