Any ETA on next patch ???

CTD and freezes while tuning and racing are making the game almost unplayable…

Is there any ETA on a patch ?

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Same problem here. It wouldn’t be so frustrating if these weren’t problems that Horizon 3 had that got eventually fixed. Judging by how often patches came on H3, unfortunately I would guess once a month. So maybe 11/03/2017? Kind of a bummer… If the CTD’s don’t get fixed, that means waiting a whole month again.

Afaik there will be a patch this tuesday.

Rivals& Hoppers they said.

And I hope they fix lots of bugs.

I sure hope so.

Source? lol

Source please? I created a thread yesterday inquiring about Tuesday’s patch (was assuming it would arrive as the first one arrived early too) and it got locked after about hardly ten replies.

Like you, I’m on the same boat, eagerly and excitedly waiting to see how the game is made better and what gets addressed. Though it seems realistic to say that all the issues that have surfaced so far will probably be resolved over the next few months. If not, then we may get a mega-fix patch but that’s definitely going to be next month I think. Just a guess, that’s all. Either way, I think the issues affecting core gameplay ought to be addressed first in the next few weeks. I was really betting on a Tuesday patch too.

Oh well… :slight_smile:

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im happy having the broken ai , I want game breaking bugs fixed before giving us new features. I cant have the new features if the game doesnt play without crashing (both platforms)

Right at the bottom discusses the multiplayer and rivals

No mention of a patch but you can only hope

I don’t want to make a thread for this as I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but I didn’t find anything in the known pc and general issues.

Is there any plan to tame the ai? I know unbeatable ai is supposed to be challenging, but I had one post a lap on Watkins Glen that was 3 seconds faster than the top time on the leaderboard. This goes from being challenging to totally unrealistic. It also seems that the driver in 1st place on expert or above seems to take on an unfathomable lead and you can never catch up unless you pass him right away.

I’m sure everyone has noticed that the ai is also indifferent to your location on the track just ramming into you at will. This makes starting a race with 23 of them that immediately goes into a corner terribly annoying.


You mean the audi event? in the rain?

Its doable. You will catch them all at the last corner or earlier depending how fast you are.

Patch please. RAM goes nom nom nom. make it stop.

No. I’m talking about normal race events.

Atleast you can race around Watkins Glen, all it ever does for me is crashes my game…still. Even after a 26gb update.

I really hope they release a patch soon though.

Yes. I hope there is a patch today!

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wish they would be open to us about the issues, ive stopped playing 7 im fed up with the game crashing after completing races. we dont have a auction house multiplayer seems messed up I really want to work towards my 1000gs but cant because of the issues. loads of people reporting the same issues yet they dont seem to be bothered about fixing it

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A 699.3mb update was just installed for Forza Horizon 3 on my computer. But I cant see anything for Forza Motorsport 7 yet :frowning:

They DID NOT do that. Seriously, this is just wrong.

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At least it looks like there is a huge Windows update right now and if that not fix my game, I will force (-e+a) Bill Gates to give me his computer. I just want to play the game for at least 30 Seconds. Not ONLY seeing the splash screen in a half second and thats it.

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Update doesn’t solve crashing, unfortunately. Just had CTD while browsing cars/rims.