AntiWrecker Concept

There have been several ideas posted here over the months about how to deal with wreckers, and some have been pretty good.

Last night I was watching a doc about James Bond car gadgets, and it gave me an idea for dealing with a specific breed of hooligan. Ever seen one of these folks? They hang back a lap, going JUST fast enough to stay un-ghosted, and take out the leaders as they lap around. Some of these punks are DAMN good at what they do, and are just about impossible to avoid.

So, here’s my Bond-inspired idea. The game would “notice” a player doing this, triggered by average speed, lap position and report history/XBL reputation. The drivers in the top 3 spots unlock LIMITED offensive capability: perhaps a single rocket, or a 3-second burst of cannon fire (Hispano?) as they approach the wrecker from behind. Successful hits would cause the wrecker to ghost out immediately, and activate their parking brake for 5 seconds.

These weapons could ONLY target or effect the wrecker; shots aimed at legit racers would simply pass through them.


Now, obviously this idea is only halfway serious and a little tounge-in-cheek, but I’d LOVE to be able to do something about these guys…

this isnt twisted metal lol

i like the idea about average speed tho… To where you arent going fast enough for a period of time you get ghosted… or if you are being lapped you get ghosted

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i’d prefer the “everyone who is about to get lapped gets ghosted” solution. its easy to implement via patch and will neutralize this particular wrecking strategy once and for all. You get lapped for a reason in such short races, so it wont affect anyone driving properly.

I wonder how many people I have blocked. I block a lot of people. Too bad it doesn’t keep track of that. I seem to have been having a pretty clean online experience the last couple months over all as a result.

Glad to see you’ve filtered the serious ideas from the jokes guys :slight_smile:

I actually do wanna shoot these guys sometimes though, lol. Can’t block 'em fast enough.

Aside: How badass would a car-combat game with simulator fizzix be?! Answer: o_@!!!

EDIT: Forza Horizon: Apocalypse.


I think Turn 10 should introduce a penalty system like many other racing simulators have done.

The pairing system should be based of skill as well as the players number and severity of offenses.

A choice to race in hoppers with full rules and damage. They also need have a few more laps, like between 10 and 20 depending on track length. The mechanisms are in place to detect when all four tires are off the race surface, so rules can be implemented. In my experience racing these style of races in F1 2012 there was minimal intentional wrecking because the game black flagged them or their cars were terminally damaged. Also when you invest 20 min to a half hour in a race, you tend to be more careful and not get booted in the first lap. Also you don’t want to spend half the race limping to the pits. The shorter cosmetic damage lobbies in F1 2012 had the same issues as Forza. The more serious disciplined racers gravitated to the full rules and damage lobbies.

The key to this working is giving a choice and making the investment in the full rules and damage lobbies one that only serious racers would make because they have the potential to finish without to many penalties or critical damage.

The average speed and lapping suggestions sound like really good ideas. As for the pairing system suggestion, a good source of inspiration would be GTA 5’s Mental State system, as in separating all players into different categories depending on the amount of offenses that they have, and have some sort of indicator to identify them by.

Like this idea. I remember losing races I was ahead in due to wreckers in Forza 2. Could cause less frustration.