ANTi | DESIGN SHOWROOM |HRE 458 Speciale Finished


I’ve been creating designs in Forza since FM2, but never got an Xbox One so missed out on a few iterations of the game. But through the power of Windows 10, I am back at it.


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My first attempt at a design since FM4, it’s a work in progress atm. I need to get some sponsor decals done. Let me know what you think.

BMW M4 Horizon Edition WIP (Regular M4 coming later)

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Great job and welcome back

Beamer looks sweet! I remember your GT from fm2, good to see you back!

^ ^ Not lost it Anti! Good to have you back!


great work sofar Anti! I also remember your GT, good to have you back :wink:

very nice, looking great so far .

Wow! I’m so glad to see you back in the game, your paints used to be among my favorites. The M4 is coming along nicely, your work still has that signature look.

Thanks guys, I’ll try and get some work done this weekend. Nice to see a lot familiar tags still active^^


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Finally finished this.
Search for “owl werks” to find it.
Kept the wheels color stock so people can mix and match themselves.

Also available on the HE version:

Looking good Anti, and welcome back :slight_smile:

Looks absolutely great, ANTi - can’t wait to see more.


I like the bimmer. Bright and bold. Gold wing mirrors are an interesting touch.

Thanks guys, started on this thing tonight. Still need some sponsors on it, might be going for
Bridgestone as a main sponsor since it fits the theme colors.

91’ Syclone | WIP Update 1

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Keen for that Syclone once it’s done. I quite like driving that truck.

Thanks for the kind words^^

Finally done, did take some extra time due to the livery editor having a lot of instability issues on PC :frowning:
Also after the latest update the photomode captures my FPS for some reason…

GMC Syclone | Bridgestone
Filename: BS.Syclone
Creator: ANTiGFX
Tags: Bridgestone Syclone

Love it!

A little work in progress, still need some detail work and maybe color changes.

Ferrari 458 Speciale | HRE Wheels | WIP

Ferrari is looking cool already, nice color scheme and sharp use of shapes!!!