[ANSWERED] [XBOX] "world traveller" "storm chaser" and "moonlighting" achievements glitched/bugged.

So, “moonlighting” just decided to stop working. Stuck at 34%. Tried career and free play night races and no progress.

“storm chaser” is not working at all. No progress at all after any rain races.

“world traveller” is also bugged. Barely any progress as reported by several others on true achievements.

Please note: all other achievements are working as intended (although “unrivaled” is also buggy but did unlock only in drift rivals). This doesn’t seem to be a Xbox live issue.

My Monnlightning works @ the moment (84%) …
but all Elite Championships , underdog , world traveller , stormchaser and two fifty wont work …

Are Nurburgring and Nordschleife considered 2 different environments? I have the World Traveler stuck at 96%. I’ve redone every track that people mention: top gear, Laguna, airport, VIR, Hockenheim multiple times to try and fix it but to no avail.
Is there no way to find out which one is missing? I know the old bug was fixed in a patch 2 years ago, are new players getting that patch if they bought the game in 2017?

This is being looked into:

That is correct. We are looking into it already.


Achievement World Traveler is still buggy. Bellow is the picture, where it said that I am on 300% complition. So it should unlock allready.


Anyone have any idea how can I unlock that?

Forgive me if this has been said, searched it up and this is the most recent post. Has anything ever been said about storm chaser? Kinda forgot about it and now that I’ve gotten all the cheevos I’m gonna get I noticed it was still locked. Been that way since launch. I know it was being looked into. Thanks!

My Achievement list says I completed it:

Storm Chaser
Completed a race in every Rain Weather Scenario
74.63% of gamers unlocked this
Unlocked 12/19/2017