[ANSWERED] Xbox One X. No more shadows at Night! [BUG or Downgrade?]

EDIT: Topic should be closed. This bug has been fixed in the June 2019 content update.

I may have missed a “feature change” or something in the recent updates but I just found out that there’s either a bug or a graphical downgrade on the Xbox One X version of the game introduced in one of the latest updates (everything was fine before).

Track side lighting no longer affects the cars (or any other mesh like the pit crew models in the pit lane etc) which means that there a no shadows casted when cars pass below them or even illumination of the car’s exterior & interior (while in cockpit view). As a matter of fact it looks like the lights are “off” and all we have left is the pre-baked lighting on the tracks.



Uninstalled & re-installed the game. Still the same.

Please note that this affects gameplay & replay. The cars only being illuminated by the Skybox’s IBL and the other cars headlights. All track lights are effectively off and only the pre-baked lighting is seen.

Also because of this, In cockpit view there’s no more reflection of the dashboard/wheels/hands on the windshield. The only light source still active is the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi. Driving underneath it or close to it does illuminate the cars and the interiors and results in reflection of the dashboard on the windshield.

What’s going on?

Edit: Yes, I’ve already submitted a support ticket…

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I checked it on PC. No shadow too. I dont remember if they were before… :frowning:

I chacked again few tracks and You are right. I dont know if this change was in recent update or earlier. I dont like night races but You have right. But why?

T10 - is it intended or accidental?

Track lights have always illuminated cars and casted shadows at night since Forza 6. So there’s definitely something wrong going on.

I aslo checked older YT tvideo form FM7 on PC - and there was shadows. So devs hace to rapiair it. Do You know if this problem occure in last update?

The update has also introduced weird flickering textures on certain tracks - particularly noticeable in test drive mode.

I also don’t like the low-res flickery shadows that sometimes move around in the cockpit in specific lighting conditions. This was the case before the update though.

Please quality check your product T10!

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It looks like this issue was introduced a few months ago. I just checked a couple of clips I recorded a couple weeks ago and the shadows were already gone.
It’s a shame that Turn10 or anyone else hasn’t noticed or acknowledged it.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention,

Please submit a ticket https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/requests/new so we can investigate further.

Submitted mine 2 days ago.

Ticket (35688) was submitted 3 days ago.


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Mine was submitted 4 days ago: 36348

And mine too. While ago. No 36766.

hi all !!! i have same bugs on xbox one x and pc in forza 7 , lights of tracks were downgraded under rain and night .

Correct - welcome to the club man!

As one of the forum T10 guys said, submit a ticket. In the meantime lets twiddle our thumbs and see what the June update brings.

I think they should roll out 2 updates each month - one for improvements, and the other one to fix the stuff that gets broken with each update.

I’m noticing everything you’ve highlighted here on my X. Its really hard to ignore when all these effects are there in fh4 @60fps. T10, roll out a fix, pretty please!

Support tickets submitted already, 10 days ago, no response .

Also no response for my ticket (PC version). It is not the best from T10…

So now what? We keep posting about it, and praying that someone notices and fixes it?

This has really broken the gameplay and fun factor of the game for me. A serious issue that needs to be rectified immediately.


Today’s June Update ( has fixed the issue.

Yep, it did, thankfully. But not entirely - there are still no shadows moving around track objects on the ground, i.e. distance markers, orange cones, etc.

Also, shouldn’t we be seeing the dash light up with shadows moving around when AI cars are behind us? Right now, it’s just the gloves lighting up and no shadows or lighting on the dash.

Question is - was it earlier?

Nope. What opencamswrx is thinking about never existed in Forza 7 on Xbox. It’s now back to how it always was prior to the bug introduced in either the March or April update.
The only Forza game with real time dynamic shadows from objects other than cars is Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One X (in 4K mode) and on PC & Forza 7 on ultra High on PC.