[ANSWERED] When garage space is full to do receive league rewards, Receiving action will be stuck.


When My garage space is full (750 cars), I do ‘receive button’ League Reward of the last month.
(League Reward: 2 cars)
I know “garage is full” will be unable to receive car, that isn’t my heavy point.

Then I delete some cars to clear out space, but league reward still can’t be received.
System can’t put in those 2 cars to my garage, “garage is full” Message continuous display.

Actually, I don’t care those 2 reward cars, but the Message continuous display will disturb me.
(If have method to directly cancel that message or reward, I really don’t care lose the league reward cars.)

gametag: RatherSince

thanks :slight_smile:

Known issue, report it here.


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same issue here and is not shown in known issue list

How many cars are there in the game actually?

Do you have 750 different cars or do you own some duplicates?

We have received reports of this, but we have not been able to reproduce the issue.

We will be diving deeper. If you have this issue, please submit a support ticket.