Was racing online, Xbox 1 , and went to use my 69 camaro FE edition with the rad paint :smile: and well it showed i needed to buy and download it for 19.99. i had found this interesting considering i bought the Ultimate Edition and have 4 tunes for this car at this point. Tried Other VIP cars and all showed i needed to buy the VIP pass. i closed out forza and restarted and the events where still the same…no VIP pass. i shut off Xbox and restarted system and restarted Forza and now all is good again. Hope this info can help you Glitter in some sort of way. Has been only issue like this i have had with over 100 hours in. peace :v:

Thanks for that. Ill send this over to the team to check it out. Sometimes this will happen when the store “servers” go down for a few minutes.

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