[ANSWERED] Unable to start DCOM Server error starting Forza 7

I constantly run into a situation where Forza 7 will load splash screen then the window disappears. The error logs show “Unable to start DCOM Server / The error: 317” for my Forza 7 launch attempt.

The temporary fix is to re-download any DLC (Day-1, Hoonigan, or VIP) and then the problem goes away until the next time it’s triggered - which I don’t know the cause of.

This starting happening after the 1709 Fall update.

[10/29/17] Still having to do the redownload DLC workaround. Hope someone is working on this. I haven’t seen where Turn 10 has acknowledged this problem yet.

[11/01/17] Downloaded VIP DLC to fix this again.

[Nov/10/17] Downloaded VIP DLC to fix this again.

[Nov/12/17] Downloaded VIP DLC to fix this morning.

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Same issue here, but a more robust workaround is to sign in to your system with your MS account. This starts the DCOM process for Forza 7 normally.

I do not use a MS account and only sign into apps I want connected. I haven’t had the problem prior to the 1709 Fall update.

I had this issue when i used CCleaner + CCEnhancer. i had to sign in to my windows store account again (and xbox).
This problem also gave me sometimes “game is not in your account” error or something.

In that case try signing into your Xbox app.

Xbox app is one of the apps that is signed into with MS account. The Store is another that is signed into. The game works once I re-install the DLC, but then something causes the DCOM error “317”.

I see from the Horizon 3 boards that it was a known issue that was being worked on, but then there was nothing further I could find. Apparently it’s creeped into Forza 7 with the Fall update.

How do you reinstall the hoonigan dlc?, I cannot find anywhere in the store or windows to uninstall and reinstall it.

Go to Settings, and then Apps. Click on “Forza 7” and click “Advanced options”. From there delete one of the DLCs and then redownload it from the Store.


I had the same problem. For me it worked start the game from the windows store itself, now starts normally

I’ve tried from the Store and the Xbox app with no change when this happens. The only fix for me has been re-downloading one of the DLC.

I fixed this because i have a similar error but in mine it says something like unable to star dcom server and a location but when i saw that location i realised that my game wasnt installe there so i moved the game from Apps & Features to C: (i have it installed in D) And magically all my Forza Games started to work not only the one that i moved (Forza 6 Apex) but also the other two FH3 & FM7… I hope this can fix your problems

Let us know how this works out for you in a few days. Someone else posted moving their game, and just like re-downloading DLC, it only worked temporarily.

Moving or reinstalling the game, or re-downloading DLC appears to refresh your license but for some reason it’s only temporary.

Had to download DLC again to get this to work.

Same issue here. Probably unrelated but worth stating, 7 worked just fine without this and any issues until after i tried using an xbox 1 wireless controller adapter and xbox 1 controller. The controller worked for about 2-4 mins then would disconnect, reconnect (pushing button), then disconnect. After that sequence followed the nasty blue screen. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D].


Like we mentioned before, this is an issue we are currently aware of and investigating. This issue is not specific to your computer. If the steps below didn’t work, you will need to wait until we resolve this issue.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

This was the reply I am getting from Turn 10 about this issue

It appears to be more a problem with Microsoft Store, and in turn, means F7 will be my first, last, and only thing I buy from there until it’s fixed.

Disclaimer: This was posted in another thread. And it does work so credit goes to that person who posted it.

What you need to do (PC) is:
Open Services.
Scroll down to Windows PushToInstall Service
Right click on it and start the service
Start Forza 7

This time Forza 7 will start and load. I’m not sure why Windows PushToInstall Service is helping but it does. And it’s a service that will stop on it’s own. So even if you change it to Automatic it’s status will turn off on its own. So for now, just start the service when Fora 7 ctd on launch.

This method works for me. More convenient than reinstalling DLC. Hopefully Turn 10 is aware of this workaround as well as it looks like a prime suspect or could lead to one.

Pretty anoying this isnt fixed yet, ive made a bat/cmd file to do this automatically and start forza7. (needs to be run as administrator!)

net start “Windows PushToInstall Service”
explorer.exe shell:appsFolder\Microsoft.ApolloBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe!forzamotorsport7