[ANSWERED] Turn 10 please answer

I’m not sure if this is a bug in free play or not. I race P1 class at Road America & have it set on unbeatable. The drivatars consistently drive off the track at the carousel. It does not matter if I have the aggression limited or not. My lap times are 3 to 4 seconds quicker than theirs…& I’m not a very good driver. My question is, are the drivatars going to get better over time to the point that they will not make these mistakes on the higher difficulties or is this a bug that needs to be fixed. I’m patient, so I don’t mind waiting…I just want to know. Someone at Turn 10 please answer one way or another. BTW…really enjoying this game minus a few growing pains.

Hello?..T10 are you there?

Any chance I can get a reply today?

You’re new here aren’t you?

T10 doesn’t post here. Ever…


I doubt you’ll get a reply from T10 here, especially on this. The drivatard system is flawed, bit looks like it’s here to stay. Their behaviour is based on how the actual player’s drivatard drives in game. There’s a whole thread dedicated to it http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst99409_Drivatar-behavior.aspx

If you want an answer from T10, you could try emailing, but it will be several days before they reply

Not new here. I was hoping one of the forza staffers (like nitro glitter) would answer, since they seem to do it for certain questions. Hell, I’d be happy with “I’m not sure of the answer to that but I’ll look into it.” Something…anything…just tell us you know there are problems with the drivatars & it’s being addressed.

They won’t address the “Crash to dashboard in multiplayer”, “Ghosting of inactive players not working”, or the multitude of other bugs in the game right now or even acknowledge that they are looking into via email or the forums. What makes you think they would take time out of their day to answer a question about Drivatar behavior?

See 2 posts above…squeaky wheel gets the grease Arn. Although I understand your skepticism.

Posted this on other forum yesterday, pretty much sums it up :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure they know there are problems with the drivatards ;0) I think they’re probably concentrating on getting the actual game working first though…

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Seem to happen on a few tracks actually regardless of difficulty. i’m sure they are fixing it.


We are investigating some drivitar issues at the moment. I’ll let you guys know when I have more information.



Thank you nitro glitter! Just wanted to hear it was being looked at/worked on.

P1 cars are still driving off the track at the carousel on road America. (Still doing this even though drivatars are set to unbeatable). Aaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh!!! This sucks!