[ANSWERED] The game crash on launch

Hi, like many players around here my game crash after launch without any error message, I see the box with the Forza7 logo, like 2-3seconds then it close. The issue occur since I reinstalled Windows10 on my PC recently(this week-end). Since I cant play Forza7, all my other games works (Gears of war4, Recore, Forza 6 Apexi…) I tried a bunch of solutions found here and on other microsoft forum and Google, admin stuff, antivirus stuff etc… To me it is an issue with the game. I’m out of option now, please help me! Thank you.

*This is my last win10 update: May 8, 2018—KB4103727 (OS Build 16299.431)

Please email forzafb@microsoft.com so we can troubleshoot the issue and collect some files from you.


This is a known problem and the answer has been posted numerous times:

Click start, type services, hit enter

this will bring you to the services screen.

Scroll down and find “Windows PushToInstall” service

Double click on it, and start the service, it will probably be disabled. Set it to automatically start.

To the admin Guy who answered this post, to email customer support, would it not be better to answer it on here so others can see the solution.

Well I’ve done your job for you!!! This problem has been answered a thousand times on here by the community, would it not be better to post the the solution as a sticky, or better yet. Fix your game so this dosnt keep happeneing!!!

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If that doesn’t work. There are multiple causes and solutions.