[ANSWERED] Taxi Company


i heared ist Possible have my own Taxy Company in FH4 now. I done the Taxi Story but i cant found my own Taxi Company. Have i missed something or missunderstud something?



Owning your own Taxi company is not possible.

What you might’ve heard is that you now own a share in the Horizon Story and will receive credits from time to time depending on your star-completion of that story, similar to “Worlds Fastest”.

For 30 stars (100%) you’ll earn around 12k every other day per story (Isha’s Taxi & Worlds Fastest).

I get just a bit over 12K daily for 30 stars on Isha’s and about 8700 daily for 20 stars on World’s fastest for a daily total of nearly 21k. What I found funny was that the first day I only completed one event (3 stars) for Isha and got 5700 reward the next day.

To Bad i hoped that the Story unlocks the Crazy Taxi mode. All i earned is the Taxi from the Missions.