I can’t complete my career, the game crashes at Indy turn 2 every time. Career, free play no matter the config same spot.

You aren’t alone. They know about it, and hopefully it will be fixed soon. Different people have your problem on different tracks, mine is Maple Valley. Make sure you email them your specific issue(s) with game crashes to the address in the sticky about how to report crashes.

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Please email forzafb@microsoft.com for any crash related issues.

I’m on Xbox not on pc I can’t Send you any further info.
What would you like me to do?

Any ideas what races I can do in my career that don’t include Indy?


You can email them the information on when and where crashes occur, unless you don’t have email?

As far as the career races without Indy, there are several. I can only recall two or three races I have done at Indy and I’m at the Masters Championship.