[ANSWERED] Speed Trap Hero Stuck

When I complete a speed trap and it levels up (I’m level 25), it shows 142,000 skill points and gets stuck there. I can drive around and do everything like normal, but the notification doesn’t go away, and I can’t do any of the other stunts. The only fix I’ve found so far is to restart the game, but that takes forever and it’s quite vexing. Is this a known issue?

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Yes, it’s a known issue, and running an event will generally reset it.


Thanks, will do.

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Same here. I did a seasonal speed trap in previous season and ‘Speed Trap Hero’ went from 133,000, where it was (saying SPEED TRAP HERO ROUND 25 earn 3,000 more influence to level up), to 136,000 and got stuck there on the screen never raising the actual level. Did one again this current season and again it got stuck at 136,000 from 133,000 and stayed on screen like before and never raised the level. Again. If this is a known issue it should probably go ahead and get fixed. I hope you’re reading this, Issue. We don’ 'ppreciate yer kind 'round these parts.

Yep - I had this as well, and I think when I quit the game and cam back the next day, I lost a bunch of #forzathon points that I had earned - recommend doing an event to clear the bug - I think even something simple like a drag race will work.

Yep, also get this bug all the time and the only way is to go into a race and start it then exit it.
Very annoying and frustrating, surely youd think a simple fix that should be fixed quickly but nope its been a round for a while now.

The team is currently working on a fix for the this issue.


I had this annoying issue but when playing last night with the new series 7/summer on fortune island, the problem didn’t occur when i levelled up so maybe the fix is in now?

Got it today while doing Forzathon Live on fortune Island so not sure if any of my points added up, but got the FPs. When I went back the the mainland the speed trap hero banner had gone.