[ANSWERED] Question about Picture Ratings

Whenever I view the pictures I have taken and uploaded I notice that it shows zero people have viewed it but it has four or five stars. How is this possible because when you upload a picture it starts out with one star? Are you able to rate a photo without viewing it which would explain the five stars and no views or does the game after awhile just give the picture five or four stars to make sure your feelings aren’t hurt lol.

For some reason the gallery on FM.net does not show views but will display the rating of each picture. You can check how many views each photo has if you go, in game, to your photo gallery and select one of your pictures.

From what I’ve seen, 1 Star means no views, 4 stars means 1 view, and 5 stars means 2 or more views.

Hope this helps.


Thanks this helps alot. I just take pictures to download onto onedrive so that I can share them with my family so it’s cool to see that other people took the the time to look at my picture and rate it. Also good luck with the photo comp. I really like the picture of the Ferrari you submitted. Thanks again for your help.